Q. How can i get the JRCALC:CPD app if I'm a new new customer?

Simply download the app from either of the links below:

iTunes: here

Google Play: here

You can register for JRCALC:CPD here

You can also use the web version of the app from there

Q. How can i get the JRCALC:CPD app if I am already registered for CPG:CPD?

To get the new app, you can simply download it from these links:

iTunes: here

Google Play: here

However, you will need to reset your password to access the new app. You can reset your password here. Your username will stay the same (the email address you have registered with originally).

Q. How do I purchase a subscription/special topics?

To get access to more questions, you can subscribe to JRCALC:CPD on a monthly or annual basis, which will give you access to a new unit of 100 questions each month. You can also purchase special topic units, which are released periodically and typically focus on a particular medical area or have a common theme.

You can purchase a subscription or individual special topics either directly from the website, or through in-app purchases.

On the website, you can simply select which subscription or special topics you would like to purchase from the ‘Basket’ page. Clicking on ‘Pay now’ will lead you to a WorldPay page to complete your payment.

In the app, you can click on ‘Buy more question units’ in your main menu. This will lead you to a screen which lists all the options available to you.

Q. Does the app sync with the website/my other devices?

Yes, the app will sync automatically once it is connected to the internet. The website will also sync with other computers.

Please note that custom created quizzes will not sync between devices, as they are stored locally.

Q. How many devices can i download the app onto?


Q. Can I use the app offline?

Yes, the app works offline. However, please be aware that your progress won't sync between devices or the website until you are connected to the internet again.

Q. How can I cancel my subscription?

If you're on Google Play, then you can follow the instructions on this page (scroll down to the 'cancel a subscription' link)

If you're on Apple, then you can follow the instructions on this page

Once the auto-renew has been cancelled, you will still be able to access the content you have received up until this point; you just won’t get any new units.

Q. How can I access my old CPG:CPD data/certificates?

We are keeping the old website and app running for one year after release of the new version of CPG:CPD to download any previous certificates. Please use this time to save anything you wish to keep.

Please note you will need to use your old password to access the old app and website, even if you have set a new password for the new app/website.

Q. How can I get help/give feedback?

In the main menu on the app or web app, you have the ability to ‘Send Feedback’ to us. You can also give feedback on specific questions by going to the options menu on the particular question and select ‘Send feedback on question’.

You can also get in touch with us directly by emailing us at or calling our office at 01278 427 800.

New and Updated Features

Q. What are the available different options of taking a unit?

From the overview page (the first page you see after logging in), select a unit to take. This will take you to the unit screen. From there, you can either go into all questions directly by pressing the blue ‘Start’ button, or you can take a more focused quiz by selecting from our different options:

  1. Taking only questions you haven't answered before
  2. Taking only questions you have answered incorrectly before
  3. Taking only questions of a particular difficulty level

(Introduction, Intermediate or Advanced)

  1. Taking only questions of a certain section from JRCALC, for example Resuscitation

Q. How do I create custom units?

To create a custom unit, select ‘Create custom quiz pack’ from the main menu. Give a name to the unit you want to create at the top, and then select the parameters you would like to use for your custom pack. Select either ‘all’, ‘unanswered’ or ‘incorrect’ questions to be available. You can pick as many JRCALC sections and difficulty levels as you want. You can also pick whether you would like to create a pack of 10, 20, 50 or 100 questions.

You can then find your custom quiz pack on the overview page and access it in the same way you use regular units.

Please note at the moment there are no certificates available for custom units yet.

Please also note that custom units are stored locally and will therefore not sync between devices.

Q. Where can I download my certificate?

Once you have completed a unit by answering each question correctly at least once, you can download a certificate showing that you have completed that unit.

You can download your certificate from the results screen and email a PDF version of it to yourself or to your organisation. You can also download and save the certificate directly onto your PC from the web app version or the ‘My Account’ page.

Your results and the certificate will stay accessible from each unit’s main screen in the app as well as on the website.

Q. How can I add a question to my revision pack?

On the question you would like to select, open the options menu and then click on ‘Add to revision pack’. The next time you access the ‘Revision pack’ from the overview page, the question you have added will be there.

There is no limit to how many questions you can add.

If your question is not covered by these FAQs or you would like to give us feedback or suggestions, please get in touch with us directly by calling 01278 427 800 or emailing

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